Women, Get Back Your Look With Natural Hair Wig

Hair wigs for women are non-surgical hair treatment option which gives look almost instantly, affordably, and that too without any medicines, pain and side-effects. Whereas surgical treatments like hair transplant are costly, painful and can involve medication. At times, it can cause side-effects.

For every women, Hair Style is very important for looks, for being presentable and confident. That said, many things not in her control cause either complete or partial loss of hair. For example, hair loss due to cancer treatment or chemotherapy, or Alopecia. Root cause of hair loss might be unknown, but hair wigs help women to get back the look and give them a chance to live life openly without any hesitations. In this short read, we are attempting to answer most common questions about women hair wigs, which can give them their look back in minutes.

Let's first understand easily, what is hair wig?

Hair wigs are composed of cap like base part having adjustable straps or elastic belts and hair are neatly placed over it to cover full head.  It can be seen in sample image above.

What are the types of wigs?

Wigs normally have 2 types of base material – one is which is more like skin color and another which is blackish in color. Skin base material wigs give more natural look as compared to blackish base material.

Can we have any hair style?

Natural freestyle hair wigs are most commonly used. There is no middle partition in this case. Hair can be adjusted to give desired partition to suit face. One can choose to have specific partition is required. It’s important to note that wig hair do not have any internal nourishment, they don’t grow. As such any damage caused as a result of heat or chemical treatment given to wig hair may result in permanent damage. If damage is noticeable and irreversible, only option we are left with is to replace the wig – get new one.

What hair color are recommended?

Natural hair colors are black and brown tones. Anything from these two options look great.

What is length of hair?

Women Wigs of length up to 24 inches are most commonly used and are easily available. The cost of longer hair wigs increase as availability of longer natural hair reduces.

How to wear women hair wig?

Wigs are very easy to wear, it is simply worm like a full head cap, with hair outside. The straps or elastics are in inside part. They are adjusted so that wig fits firmly on head without any discomfort.

How to take care of the women hair wig?

Use non-sticky hair oil or serum only, follow simple but specific washing instructions given, when storing fold as guided so as to avoid entangling of hair, no over heat treatment or experiments, etc.

How much does the natural hair wig for women cost?

The costs vary depending upon the exact requirements, it is advised to call and discuss the exact requirement so that best price estimates can be given.  For the reference, average starting cost is 18,000 INR.

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